Name:  Frankenstein 

Features:  The creator of a monster put together with deceased human body parts

Source:  Mary Shelley’s 19th century novel

Habitat:  Resided in Germany & roamed the Arctic

This mythical monster is the unfortunate creation of a very mad scientist.  Dr. Frankenstein created it using various body parts from corpses that he collected.  He made sure to collect the largest body parts he could find thus creating a monster that was larger than the average person. 

His experiment included trying to shock life into the collection of body parts that he put together using a charge of electricity.  This was done so his entire creation could come to life as a being.

This monster was extremely frightening to look at and had the strength to rip humans apart with his bare hands.  It was also usually peaceful but could easily be provoked into a rage.

Even though this creation is often portrayed as a simple minded and vicious killer, the original story is about a nameless creature that was highly intelligent.  He was eager to learn about and experience life.  He could speak very well and even learned to read.

Unfortunately, because of his hideous appearance - his presence made people run in fear and shun him.  Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s creation was forced to live a very lonely existence & was left unable to interact with anyone else. 

The loneliness eventually became unbearable and the doctor agreed to make him a female companion.  But before he could finish, the doctor destroyed it.  This threw the monster into such an intense fit of rage that he strangled the doctor’s best friend and fiancé to make sure his creator would also live a very lonely life.

The monster, after accepting its isolation sets out to live the rest of his life in the Arctic, away from humans.  The doctor fearing he may kill again chases after him but perishes from exposure before he could find him.

The story ends with the creation finding his creator, deceased in the snow and carries the lifeless body off somewhere into the cold and desolate Arctic.

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