Name:  Gremlins

Features:  Small creatures with big ears, similar to miniature Gargoyles

Source:  Superstitions originating from British Air Force pilots

Habitat:  Anywhere they can disturb people and cause mayhem

These little mythical beasts are described as having fairly small bodies and oversized pointy ears.  The best way to describe them is to say they resemble living, miniature gargoyles.

They love to hide from people so they can watch and listen.  That is how they know exactly when it is best to interfere.  Most of their pranks are harmless, like hiding house keys or wallets.  They really love to sit and watch people in frustration and panic as they look for their missing items.

These pesky little monsters are very rarely seen, but they delight in making electrical and mechanical devices go on the blinks.  Did the microwave burn your food?  Did your television just cut out and come back on for no reason?  Did your alarm system signal a beep out of the blue for no cause?

The idea of little monsters running about causing trouble seems to come from the pilots of the British Air Force.  Anytime something went wrong with their airplanes and they couldn’t find a justifiable cause – they would blame the gremlins. 

When the pilots would inspect the engines and systems, they would come across wires and small parts that were frayed or chewed on.  Even though these troublesome little monsters were blamed, in reality the damage was probably caused by a few rats that had accidentally boarded the plane.

Every so often, these miniature monsters pranks can have very terrible outcomes.  They love to play around with cars and their messing with the brakes or fuel lines can cause their meddling to have a deadly and tragic end.

In this age of technology, gadgets are continuously being created – gadgets that these little monsters see as just one more opportunity to tinker and play around with.  This is all done so they can frustrate the users and enjoy the show of panic as the fruits of their mischievous ways unfold.

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