Name: Griffin, griffon or gryphon

Features: Head, claws and wings of an eagle and the tail of a lion.

Source: Egyptian and Mesopotamian Myth

Habitat: Egypt, Middle East, parts of Europe and Asia

These creatures were especially powerful and majestic ones, normally known for guarding treasures of gold and jewels.

Their sharp talons would rip their enemies to shreds, their huge wings gave them great mobility to attack from the air.

On the ground their hind legs, which were much stronger than those of a regular lion as we know, enabled them to charge and leap with extreme force.

Being known to be seekers of jewels and gold, they were often the target of treasure seeking humans who would try to invade their nests on horseback.

Overtime, griffons grew to hate the horses for bringing humans to their nests. Horses were absolutely despised and killed on sight.

That last little tid bit makes the fact that "Hippogriffs" even came about to be even harder to believe. They are said to be the offspring of a griffin and a mare.

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