Name:  Hopkinsville Goblins

Features:  Small creatures with large heads and needle like teeth

Source:  North American Legend

Habitat:  Kentucky, United States of America

These little mystic creatures from who knows where are very odd looking and even ghostlike.  They are described as being short with an unusually large head for their size.  Their mouths are filled with rows of sharp needle like teeth.

They also have huge orange eyes that glow.  Their ears are bat-like and their hands have long sharp talons.  Their legs are described as atrophied and of not much use to them, as they float about using their arms to guide and steer themselves around.

The sighting of these creatures is regarded as an important event because it involved so many witnesses.  Numerous accounts were recorded of flashing lights in the sky that night, and as much as a dozen witnesses claimed to have seen these gray little aliens during their visit.

It was on a quiet August night in 1955, that the Suttons family farm was treated with a visit from these strange and uninvited guests.  The farm was situated between the hamlet of Kelly and the small city of Hopkinsville in Kentucky, USA.

Family members describe noticing a bright light shoot across the sky that night.  A short time later they noticed a short silver skinned creature peeking at them through one of the windows.

Soon after, as many as a dozen of these small unknown gremlins were running around the house and climbing on the roof.  They kept scratching here and there at the house as if trying to get in.

Some of the family members tried to shoot at them.  When they did hit them they heard a sound similar to metal bouncing off metal and the little silver gray creatures would just float up and away uninjured.

The family was terrified by these intruders and escaped by driving off in their car.  They quickly notified the police, but the Hopkinsville Goblins had left the scene by the time the authorities arrived.

The family moved from the property shortly after the incident to avoid all the local questions and gossip, and the endless sea of visitors wanting to witness the scene of where all the supposed alien visit commotion took place.

The town of Kelly located 5 miles north of Hopkinsville hosts a yearly "Little Green Men" Days Festival. 

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