Name: Lich, Leiche

Features: Skeletal looking, extremely clever undead entity

Source: Various tales

Habitat: Anywhere and everywhere

The Lich is similar to a zombie with the added qualities of being extremely intelligent and also capable of shape shifting.

Their appearance is the opposite of vampires – in their original form, these monsters are cadaverous and skeletal looking.

Former wizards, magicians or kings striving for immortality would use dark magic and spells to keep their spirits alive by joining them to their reanimated corpses.

Eternal life and extreme power was the prize to be had with appearances not being much of a factor.

A Leiche can easily control lesser undead creatures of inferior intellect and will often use them as soldiers or servants.

This makes this undead creature extremely powerful and capable of unimaginable evil and destruction.

With its superior intellect it will often use it’s cleverness to trick and empower opposing humans or any other force it encounters.

Always remember, this creature of the dead serves no-one. Anytime it offers to join forces – it is always to execute one of its own selfish and devious schemes.

One must never trust a Leiche. This monster’s two primary powers – intelligence and the capability to shape shift into anything it desires make it a force never to be taken lightly.

lich - in gaming


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