Name: Manticore, Mardkhora

Features: Lion's body, human head, scorpion-like tail with poisonous spikes

Source: Indian and Persian Legend

Habitat: Asia

The Manticore had the deformed head of a human, similar to that of an ogre with three rows of shark-like teeth in its over-sized mouth.

Its body was that of a huge, muscular lion with a generous hairy mane around its neck.

It was also equipped with extremely long and deadly sharp claws.

The tail was that of an enormous scorpion, which on top of being poisonous was also capable of shooting venom filled spikes at its victims from a fair distance.

The Manticore could kill and devour a human in just a few simple bites.

This monstrous beast was feared not only because of its fatal powers, but also for the fact that it was known to have a hunger and taste strictly for human flesh.

The description of this ferocious creature varies from story to story because it is said, that not a single victim unfortunate enough to encounter this man-eating beast ever escaped to tell about it.

Young Martichoras were hunted so that their tails could be crushed with a stone.  This would leave the young  unable to grow poisonous spines.

manticore - in the movies


2013 Starring Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Leven Rambin & Douglas Smith.  In this movie Luke, the Camp Leader and son of Hermes commands the Manticore to guard his group while on their journey to obtain the Golden Fleece.

The Manticore chases off & also engages in battle against Percy and his group of adventurers Tyson, Grover & Annabeth who are also trying to obtain the sought-after Golden Fleece.  Its powers are required to help Thalia recover from the poison that Luke used on her to break the barrier protecting Camp Half-Blood.

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