Name: Owlman

Features: Man-sized owl with glowing eyes

Source: British Folklore

Habitat: Cornwall, England

The owlman is a human sized monstrous owl with red glowing eyes.

It gives a stare that leaves whoever encounters it petrified with fear and unable to speak for days, sometimes even weeks.

This large and frightening bird is usually sighted in the village of Mawnan, in the county of Cornwall, England. The creature often exposes itself at night, to young women walking near an old church.

This has led some to believe that it actually lives inside the church towers.

This mythical creature flies silently through the night and is often not noticed until it is right in front of the person it is stalking. This gigantic bird has huge, razor sharp talons and a large pointy beak.

There has yet to be an account of an actual attack by this intimidating oversized bird.

In the month of April, 1976, two sisters were walking through the woods near the old Mawnan church. That is when they saw an extremely large winged creature flying around the top one of the church towers.

The incident was so terrifying that the two vacationing girls and their father cut their holiday short and returned to their home in Lancaster immediately.

In the summer of the same year, two young friends that were camping in the woods near the church also had an encounter with this large owl.

Similar sightings were also reported in 1989 by a young couple and in 1995 when an out of town female reporter claimed to have seen this extra large bird of prey.

Is this monster an escaped eagle owl that toys with people’s imagination or an actual mythical creature that inhabits Cornwall?

Owlman is also a character that appeared in the DC comic - Justice League of America. This villain was created as the evil version of Batman because of the fact the owls are birds of prey that include bats as part of their diet.

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