Name: Roc

Features: Gigantic bird with a forked snake-like tongue

Source: Middle Eastern Mythology

Habitat: Island of Madagascar

The Roc was a gigantic bird of prey and its mere presence would darken the skies and the flap of its huge wings would cause hurricane like winds.

Its coloring is said to be very similar to that of an eagle or sometimes simply white.

It had a forked snake-like tongue and occasionally described with sharp pointy teeth lining its enormous beak.

It was known to swoop down and grab animals and people to carry them off to feast upon, or rip them apart to feed its young.

This bird was so large it could easily even carry off a full grown elephant with one of its giant claws.

Artist - NKirouac, Paper Sketch - Roc,,

Apart from terrorizing wild animals and local people, this enormous bird was said to be the fierce guardian of a secret valley filled with jewels.

Adventurers were always trying to find ways to bypass this airborne mythical monster to get to the treasure and steal it.

Sinbad was said to have hitched a ride on the talons of this huge bird all the way to the much sought after treasure. 

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