Name:  Skunk Ape

Features:  Large body covered in orange fur with glowing eyes

Source:  North American Legend

Habitat:  The Everglades in Florida USA

This very stinky mythical beast is described as standing up to eight feet tall and weighing around three hundred pounds.  Its eyes are said to be large and glow red or green.  Its body is covered with orange fur and it has very long forearms.

There are yearly reports of a smelly beast residing in the deepest and darkest regions of the Florida Everglades.  Sightings have been reported all over the state but most often near the swampy areas of the Everglades.

Some say it is a relative of the popular Bigfoot creature, while others claim it is simply a normal ape on the loose.

Sightings of this mythical beast are always preceded with a potent and unbelievable stench.  Some have described the horrid smell to rotting cabbage while monster experts believe the beast rolls around on the bodies of dead animals so humans will stay away from it.  Everyone who encounters it agrees that this monster smells extremely bad.

Some local nature buffs and hikers have tried to enter the dense Everglades in search of this monster, to see it and prove its existence.  One method they use is to hang strings of apples high up in the trees to lure it.  When they return to their traps, they often find the apples eaten.

This exercise just reassures them and helps prove their claim that the Skunk Ape exists.  There is simply no other natural creature living in the Everglades that could possibly reach that high.

Just like Bigfoot, some have made plaster casts of this monsters foot prints, even gathered some hair – all to prove its existence.

Photographs have been taken of this elusive smelly beast but they mostly only captured a pair of glowing eyes staring right into the camera.

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