Name: Tengu

Features: Head of a beaked man with the wings and talons of a large crow

Source: Chinese Mythology

Habitat: China, Japan

A Tengu was like a very huge crow that had the large head of an extremely ugly man with either a very big nose or beak.

The larger the nose – the more powerful this beast was considered to be.

These very mischievous monsters mainly lived to and loved to play tricks on people.

They would take on the shape of monks to trick travelers, only to strip them of their clothing and carry them off to some unknown place.

They even sometimes took great pleasure in serving their victims succulent meals that were actually plates and bowls filled with various feces.

They had supernatural powers and could telepathically speak to their victims and also appear and disappear at will.

They were strong enough to carry a human into the sky, most often just to drop him off into some foreign place to remain lost.

They could also invade ones minds and dreams and turn them into hellish nightmares.

These mythical beasts were known to have a terrible tendency of kidnapping children and were blamed for many unsolved disappearances.

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