Name: Cockatrice

Features: Head, claws and wings of a rooster with a reptiles body and tail

Source: Roman Mythology

Habitat: Europe

This deadly mythical creature was only about the size of a large rooster but could still completely terrorize people into an extreme state of panic.

Very similar to the Basilisks, these terrible little creatures had the head, claws and wings of a rooster with a lizard-like tail.

They could kill or turn anything they looked at into stone and also could poison the air around them with their deadly breath.

They could instantly kill just by simply looking, touching or breathing on others.

Same as with the Basilisks , only two animals are said to be capable of scaring these deadly little beasts away.

The weasel was apparently immune to their gaze and fatal breaths and could engage them in an even battle to the death.

Also, the crow of a genuine rooster would send them running away in fear.

The only way a human could rid himself of these beasts was to carefully sneak up to one, catch its gaze in a mirror causing this awful mythical creature to unintentionally kill itself.

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