Name: Basilisk

Features: Head and claws of a rooster with a reptile’s body and tail

Source: Roman Mythology

Habitat: Europe

Basilisks were just about the same size as a chicken but could instill great fear and terror with their mere presence.

They could kill any living thing with but just a single glare even from afar.With their poisonous breath, they could quickly choke victims to death.

These monsters resembled a cross between a rooster and a reptile.

Their bodies were covered in scales except for their feathered heads and in some accounts, their bird-like wings.

Sharp dagger-like teeth lined their pointed beaks.

Only two animals are said to be capable of scaring these deadly little beasts away.

The weasel was apparently immune to their gaze and fatal breaths and could engage them in an even battle to the death.

Also, the crow of a genuine rooster would send them running away in fear.

The only way a human could rid himself of these beasts was to carefully sneak up to one, catch its gaze in a mirror causing this awful mythical creature to unintentionally kill itself.


  • Catoblepas

    Catoblepas - large boar's head, pigs body with wings

  • Skeletal Warriors

    Skeletal Warriors: Weapon yielding humanoid skeletons

  • Cockatrice

    Cockatrice - head, claws and wings of a rooster with a reptilian body

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