Name: Inugami

Features: Dog Spirit

Source: Japanese Mythology

Habitat: Japan

Inugami is a canine spirit that acts as a guardian to its human master.

It can also seek out vengeance against its master’s enemies.

Much like a pet dog, it is a kind and loyal companion to its human owner.

These spirit canines are said to be created by burying one’s dog up to its neck and placing food all around its head.

The food must all be kept out of reach and torture the poor beast until it dies.

Death using this ritual would take several days. During this time, the master would repeat to his four-legged companion that this pain was nothing compared to his own.

This was to ensure that food could be used as an offering when the dog took on its spirit form.

If the dog spirit returned after its earthly body was no longer habitable, it was said to sometimes take on the body of its master.

This would make this canine spirit even more powerful - but left the human host exhibiting canine-like behavior.

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