Name: Orthus, Orthros, Orthos

Features: Two headed dog with a serpent’s tail

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Island of Erythia

Orthus was a powerful, muscular and enormous canine with two large heads and a serpent’s tail.

Both formidable heads were equally capable of a vicious bite with their powerful jaws and sharp teeth.

A single strike from its snake-like tail could be instantly poisonous and lethal.

His parents were Echidna and Typhon. They were also the parents of Cerberus , the Chimera and the Nemean Lion.

This ferocious hound was owned by the monster, Geryon. This canine proudly and diligently protected his master’s herd of beautiful red cattle that happened to be widely coveted by many of the Greek gods.

Unfortunately for this frisky beast, Hercules was one day sent to retrieve the much sought after cattle.

Even though this dedicated guard dog leapt onto Hercules with surprisingly great force, he was killed instantly with just one blow from the supernatural hero’s spiked club.

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