Name: Typhon, Typheus, Typhaon, Typhos

Features: Enormous multi-headed, winged, serpent-like lower half

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Greece

Typhon was the offspring of Mother Earth and Tartarus.

He was the last son for Gaia and the largest, most feared of all monstrosities.

He had the upper half of a human with one hundred dragon heads covering each arm.

Another version depicts his top half as having the head of a large beast with smaller snake heads coming out of his neck and fingers.

His lower half comprised of several serpent-like coils. Venom oozed from his many mouths and hot molten lava spewed from his huge glowing eyes.

His enormous wings enveloped his entire body.

He was so large that he would block out the sun when he stretched his wings and so tall that his head seemed to even reach the stars.

This horrendous mythical creature was so large that the Greek gods fled from Mount Olympus to avoid fighting him.

This horrible beast was finally crushed beneath Mount Etna on the island of Sicily by none other than Zeus, the king of the Greek gods.

Mt. Etnas' volcanic eruptions are said to be this monsters' enraged breaths over being trapped below.

Typhaon fathered several beasts with Echidna, his niece. His offspring included Cerberus, the Chimera, Hydra, Ladon, the Nemean Lion, Orthus and the Sphinx.

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